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(London, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Dublin, Edinburg)

After more than a week in Brussels, it was time for us to change of country. The next destination was one of the most peculiar, in our whole survey: the British Isles which share a special relation towards the EU and specific geographic and energy ressources.

The UK and Ireland have a special status in our survey: both countries are islands and will be the only one in our survey. Hence a joint treatment on the ins and outs of the energy transition in these lands: how is it currently and how will it be handled in the future? How to implement a transition in a very market-oriented political tradition, as in the UK? How to take advantage of the two countries’ tremendous wind and ocean resources?

To answer these questions, we visited successively London, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Dublin and Edinburgh during two weeks of intense road trip. In these cities, we met no less than thirteen people of all sorts and sensibilities, and an important number of these interviews are available on video, as always!

Our travel as been quite nice, first across the North of France, then on the ferry and, finally, on the road to London. We found out it is quite simple to charge our electric car on charging points in the UK (way more than in Denmark, for example! We'll come back to that later...). During the crossing of The Channel, we recorded a short video for our travelogue. I'm (Lola) sharing a few words about the beginning our our journey as well as my first impression regarding the place of women in the development of renewables and, more broadly, climate change.

See our travelogue: "From Brussels to the UK".


Our videos from London were made with Rob Armstrong & Alban Bressand from the company RES as well as with Robert Gross, professor at the Imperial College London.

Milton Keynes

We met Jeremy Draper whom work consists in ensuring the supply of energy (electricity and gas) for the city and the council’s building of Milton Keynes.


In Oxford, we had the unexpected pleasure to meet Roli Richa, a young Indian entrepreneur in the UK, and we ensured a second interview with Assia Tafer Kasdi, PhD Graduate Student from Oxford University, who rejoined TREVE team after the survey!


For our second island, we met Keiran Cummins, solicitor, as well as Pr. Gerry Wardell, an Irish Physicis who, after a career in the private sector, became a civil servant, and is now Director of CODEMA, Dublin’s energy agency who explained to us how Dublin is currently handling the energy shift.


Finally, we had the chance to meet two professors from Edinburg University:
Dave Hawkey and Gareth Harrison.