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The 4th of May, after celebrating our departure with our friends, our families and some of our sponsors, we finally started the TREVE adventure on the roads of Europe! On board of our Renault ZOE, we quickly reached our first stop: Brussels, no less than the political center of the EU in order to begin our investigation.

Brussels is a complex city, the heart of the European Union where everything is a matter of political games... No white, no black: only a grey zone of negotiations.
The first week of our field survey we spent in Brussels was a meaningful experience for us. It helped us qualifying a lot of our preconceived ideas on how renewable energies are managed in European institutions, and how agendas are influenced by the associations gravitating around them.

Between the walls of the Belgian capital where international languages ​​collide, we took the time to pose our camera and go to meet a panel as wide as possible; People working for lobbies, private companies, states, associations and cooperatives. We started off well positively with people such as Mrs Sonia Dunlop from SolarPower Europe, Mrs. Molly Walsh from Friends of the Earth Europe or Mr. Albert Ferrari from Enercoop, for example.

Welcoming us with the rhythm of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels has unveiled itself to us as a complex heart, traversed by sometimes contradictory impulses, beating to the rhythm of a permanent negotiation. This first step was, without doubt, decisive in the elaboration of our investigation; Our first testimonies allowed us to take a step back on our question and to readjust our first intuitions.

Between each interview, we tried to capture ephemeral and unexpected moments of the city: reflection games between the buildings of this city still in construction and expansion; Unfamiliar views and objects; Movements and speed... The journey begins to make sense and it represents for us the occasion of an unprecedented encounter with other European inhabitants.
See our trailer video from this very first week of survey across Europe!