TREVE is a collaborative project. We need you in order to grow, improve and succeed!
You can participate in multiple ways, depending of who you are, which organisation you represent.
Here is a short guide which will help you to see more clearly how you can contribute to this common adventure.

You are an individual:

You wish to follow the project, to see how it grows, expand and what are its conclusions?​
You wish to contribute to the development of the project?

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We are interested in your opinion. Please, do not hesitate to give us ideas, insights, feedbacks! We'll respond immediately.
CONTACT US for any idea of scientific, media or artistic collaboration

You are an enterprise or a media:

You wish to associate yourself with the project?
You want to enhance your know-how by mediating it in an original way?
You are interested in our productions of scientific and / or artistic content?
You wish to help the general development of the project?

CONTACT US for any idea of partnership, scientific, media or artistic collaboration
(production/diffusion of articles, contribution to our seminar, idea of articles/interviews, assistance in the design of video, audio and photo content, exhibition design assistance, etc.)