The original team

As young Europeans, we interrogate permanently what structures our Continent. The scientific and human experience we lead and develop comes from a common interest but it is also enshrined in our Zeitgeist. Our generation is the first one that have to face more cruelly than ever ecological challenges and, more importantly, energy challenges, without any common measure. We want to meet our own history without prejudices, in order to know ourselves better. To built a cross-disciplinary project in order to work in a constant dialogue, within our own team and with others. Through this initiative, we hope our work will resonate with nowadays social, economic and political actions, public debate and individual inspiration.

Supervision committee

Editorial committee

Punctual contributors

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Current team

Lola Salem


Laureate Women4Climate (C40 cities)

Louis Daumas


Chief editor of the research committee

Expert in distributional issues, finance, macroeconomics and ecological economics

Damien Moulin

Member of the original survey


TREVE press review team

Coordinated by Clara Marino (Chief Redactor)

Magali Reghezza-Zitt

Doctor in geography
Maître de conférences at the École normale supérieure
Member of the research center CERES

Christian Lorenzi

Director of scientific studies at Ecole normale superieure
Full Professor in Experimental Psychology at Ecole normale superieure

David Claessen

Associate professor at the École normale supérieure
Director of the interdisciplinary research center CERES (Center for Environment and Society)

Clara Marino

Chief redactor of the press review

Grad student in ecology at the ENS biology department

Chiara Jeay-Bizot

Academic editor

Member of the press review team

Grad student in chemistry at the ENS

Martin Besnier

Member of the press review team

Grad student in ecology at the ENS Paris-Saclay

Louise O'Connor

Academic editor

Member of the press review team

Grad student in conservation biology and evolutionary ecology (ENS)

Nicolas Delaffon

Academic editor

Assia Tafer Kasdi

International Officer

Graduate PhD student from Oxford University
Expert in materials science, environmental friendly nanomaterials (for low-cost solar cells and touch-screens) and transition metals (copper and nickel)

Lucie Rondeau du Noyer

Head of division "Concepts and History of the Energy Transition"

Member of the press review team

Grad student in history of economics at the modern period (ENS)

Julia Tasse

Academic editor

Expert in Marine Renewable Energy
Graduate student from Sciences Po Paris

Arsene Kouadio

Academic editor

Doctorant en Géographie à l'Université de Lorraine, Laboratoire Loterr
Expert in territory development, sustainable development, EnR, environmental assessment

Alice Namias

Member of the press review team

Graduate student in ecology and evolution at the ENS

Auriane Meilland

Academic editor


Observateurs et observatrices à la Conférence des Parties sur le climat, sous accréditation de l'École Normale Supérieure.

Pauline Hot

Nicolas Dubouis

Corentin Clerc

Charlotte Villain


The Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris is one of the most recognized French higher education institutions nationally and internationally. Its stated goal is to train a scientific and intellectual elite through and by research. The ENS provides our project with logistical, methodological and financial support. Several associated researchers and students support our project or even actively contribute to it.


This study center about environment and society is attached to the École normale supérieure. It offers PSL students complementary and multidisciplinary training on the questions of the place occupied by humans in their environment, as well as issues linked to resilience and social adaptation to climate change.
The CERES also gathers researchers, whom some of them helped us built our project. Finally, it provides us with financial support.


The association of alumni, students and friends of the École normale supérieure of Paris brings together a large number of researchers, teachers and political or economic actors related to our problem.
Due to the diversity of its members, the association has made it possible for us to get in touch with some of these actors, in order to contribute to our study. As an initiative for students of the school, the A-Ulm also provided us with valuable financial support.


Paris Sciences et Lettres University was created in 2010 from the gathering of 25 internationally renowned Parisian institutions, such as the ENS, the EHESS, Mines ParisTech, the ENSAD, etc. The influence of PSL ensures scientific visibility throughout France and Europe. Thanks to the many students, teachers and researchers linked to PSL, we have access to a foundation of knowledge that allows us to confront our cross-disciplinary problematic. PSL also contributed financially to TREVE.

Chaire Énergie et Prospérité

The Energy and Prosperity Chair is a research program co-directed by Mr. Gaël Giraud, Chief Economist of the French Development Agency, and Jean-Pierre Ponssard, who actively support TREVE. This Chair focuses on research related to energy and its connections with economic development and its actors.
It provides us with extremely valuable scientific, financial and logistical support.

Institut CDC pour la recherche

The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations is a French public financial institution. It carries out activities of general interest on behalf of the State and local authorities as well as competitive activities. The CDC Institute for Research is one of its programs, whose purpose is to support research work in the group's strategic areas of intervention. As part of the energy transition, the CDC Institute provides us with financial and logistical support to carry out our research project.


The Engie Group (formerly GDF-Suez) is a major French energy company; a global player in energy, present in 70 countries, including almost all European countries. In addition to the important financial support it provides to TREVE, Engie also helped us in terms of communication and logistical help. The enterprise allowed us to meet local and national actors across Europe during our field survey and afterwards. Thanks to Engie Group, we were able to visit a great number of installations related to renewable energies, which enriched our investigation.
We take part in Engie prospect for young talents and innovation and punctually contribute to various workshops held by the company.


Nikon is a Japanese manufacturer of cameras and optics. It is one of the world leaders in this sector. Nikon provided TREVE with all the necessary material for recording video and taking photos, making the journalistic aspect of the field survey as well as its artistic prospect possible.
Their innovative and high-quality products represent an undeniable asset for our project.


Adrastia aims to promote the exchange of information and skills in order to anticipate at best the risk of civilization decline, in terms of gradual reduction of energy supplies and raw materials, global pollution and climate change. Its objective is to try to avoid a too important or brutal deterioration of the vital structures of our societies and to preserve despite the difficulties the best possible living conditions.
Adrastia followed each step of TREVE’s survey and communicate on its networks. The various stakeholders of the association will highlight in their work the data collected and the conclusions drawn.