Tackling a Revolution in Energy : Viewpoints across Europe

What is TREVE ?

TREVE is a study group, based on a field survey confronting the issue of energy transition through the prism of renewable energy and by questioning the pertinence of the European scale.
After crossing 15 countries in 5 months with an electric car, we aim to use this experience as the cornerstone of our following editorial work. TREVE’s redaction committee produces articles, interviews and reports, addressing the question of the energy transition in general by questioning Europe’s inherent complexity and projection within a globalised world.
TREVE represents for young people the opportunity to speak up and take action in front of the energy transition and the global climate crisis. We encourage people from all fields and part of the world to join this common adventure.


As young Europeans, we interrogate permanently what structures our Continent. The scientific and human experience we lead and develop comes from a common interest but it is also enshrined in our Zeitgeist. Our generation is the first one that have to face more cruelly than ever ecological challenges and, more importantly, energy challenges, without any common measure. We want to meet our own history without prejudices, in order to know ourselves better. To built a cross-disciplinary project in order to work in a constant dialogue, within our own team and with others. Through this initiative, we hope our work will resonate with nowadays social, economic and political actions, public debate and individual inspiration.

Our field survey across Europe

On board of an electric car, the original TREVE team led a field survey across 15 European countries from May to September 2017. We met 90 actors of the energy transition, working in various fields and at different level of decision, from grass-rooted projects up to the international scale.
On our journal, you'll see all of our destinations during this pan-European journey as well as ou day-to-day scientific reports and the data collected.